Travelling sometimes can be rough, there are moments you feel lonely and defenceless. Even though you are surrounded with people, they often do not speak your language, they are in a hurry, they do not understand what you doing (or they refuse to) sometimes they are just not opened to others, sometimes you are running out of money, you do not know what will happen next.
Suddenly you are facing situations that make you realise how far you are from those you love the most; either a friend or a relative, you want to reach them, but they are miles away. 
"but they are miles away"
Traveling comes among many unexpected situations, sometimes with buying the wrong ticket, wrong destination, changing plans, your flight gets delayed, sometimes you are travelling like me, crossing borders on a bike, and it breaksdown letting you down in the middle of nowhere.
One day you need to go back home, to surprise you family and friends. Again you are hitchihiking around South America, but this time not alone, perhaps with someone you thought was the love of your life. 
Another day your friends are getting engaged on the top of Sierra Nevada, they make future plans, but life has something else prepared, the sun goes down, meanwhile a fox crosses your way. Next morning the sun rises up, it is time to pack your tent, you have to get back to the road, some of them will be sad, but you have no choice.
"but you have no choice"
There are days which you are completely alone, wondering if what you are doing is right, but nevertheless you will keep pushing on. Another day you are surfing in Portugal and days that you are crying alone in your tent.
One day you meet a stranger in a cafe, next day you are both attempting to take the risk hiking up a mountain in a cold night just to see the sunrise. Suddenly you are both watching the Northern Lights as a fairytale. 
The sun will set and it will also rise, there will be moments you will be on the top of your dream mountain, another day you will be walking on a flat road. There will be days you will be jumping from an airplane and days will you will be watching them flying above your head.
The best part of these stories are not the upside downs or what we went through to keep moving. Beyond the beautiful landscapes, animals, beaches, and the trip itself, what was really fascinating and totally worth it and I will always remember are; those kind and beautiful humans that came through my path on this crazy little thing called LIFE.
Some of those people will make you see life in a different way. Sometimes you will meet the most amazing, interesting, crazy, inspiring people for one day, sometimes you fall in love with some of them, and some you will never see them again.
Despite of its ups and downs it is worth it. That's the beauty of it.
to The Memory of a Good Friend. 
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